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Outdoor Entertainment trading as Outdoor Adventures has gained 16 years of experience entertaining clients from all over the globe at Sun City resort in the North West Province. In 2015 we’ve decided to re-invent the product and thus Outdoor Entertainment trading as Adrenaline Extreme was born, with exciting new products which keep the pulse racing and Adrenaline flowing!! Your team will be divided into two separate groups. The sequence will be taught to the delegates. One group learning drumming the other the gumboot dancing. In the end, they will work together as a whole, performing their own “industrial theatre”. Feel The Beat! Marimba Band This 5-piece ensemble is a stunning way to keep guests entertained during a bush braai or gala dinner. The band consists of three professionally handmade Marimbas (traditional xylophones). These are made of wood and give an incredible “earthy” sound. Very African, very good. Accompanying the marimbas are two percussionists who provide the pulsating beats to which the band plays a range of African music. From traditional African melodies, Reggae, Jazz as well as some of our own unique compositions, this is a great way to experience Africa’s vibrant musical culture. The session lasts about one hour and is punctuated by song and drum performances. We can also split the session to allow for some variance in the program. By prior arrangement, we can also increase the band size from five to up to eight performers. African Tribal Dancing The power and majesty of African dance… Throughout the ages, dance has been one of the most fundamental expressions of African vibrancy and creativity. The reasons are simple; Dance uplifts and energizes the community. Dance invigorates and prepares the warriors for battle, and above all dance bridges the gap between the ancient and modern. It keeps the stories and legends alive for the generations yet to come. Our dance troupe is an eclectic mix of contemporary and traditional. We pride ourselves on developing and delivering on what is undoubtedly Africa’s finest heritage. The performers are local, dynamic young men and women who perform both their own Tswana dances as well as the more mainstream Zulu shows. Contemporary African dance is included as it gives our performers the freedom to experiment and developed as artists. The troupe is between five and eight members strong. The spectacle is best complimented by our Marimba band but it works well as a standalone event i.e. welcome band, fringe or main performance. Traditional Dancing & Marimba Combo This exciting entertainment combination will entertain you and your guests with the wonderful sounds of Africa. Begin the evening with traditional tribal dancing and singing incorporating many elements from all the South African cultures like Zulu Stick Fighting and Gumboot Dancing. Artists from the local community, brilliantly perform this exhibition. The melodic sounds of our Marimba Band will complete any bush boma under the African stars. Adrenaline Extreme can tailor this experience to your specific group needs and ensure an unforgettable dining experience. Together with our tribal dancers and marimba band, you will be introduced to the art of dancing, clapping and singing rhythms, while you celebrate the privileged to be part of the human race. This presentation of truly African music will wow any local or overseas visitor. Duration of this combo will be +- 2 hrs. Face Painting Paint your face all the different colors of the rainbow…

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