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This high adrenaline sport is made available to you at one of the the World’s best equipped water-sports centers.



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Windsurfing has been around for as long as most of us can remember.

And this high adrenaline sport is made available to you at one of the World’s best-equipped water-sports centers.

Langebaan offers ideal learning conditions as well as out and out high-speed flat water blasting.

Within 15 minutes drive, Langebaan has some incredible wave sailing and as with the lagoon, strong, steady winds.

The centers’ fully stocked retail store has the latest in windsurfing goods and a huge selection of ex-rental and 2nd had equipment to purchase.

The center also plays host to the German Surf magazine’s equipment tests as well as being on the site of the 1995 World Production Championships.

Come and take a look at what you could be doing tomorrow. Who We Are:
We are a team of dedicated windsurfing and kite surfing enthusiasts who want to share our exquisite location with others like minded. The 23 years we have been running the cape sports center have given us much pleasure in improving our facilities and services, to round up a comprehensive product we can offer to your clients. With a small team, we endeavor to make our clients feel comfortable well looked after. To make your stay spacious and to see you leaving with the intention of coming back is our goal.
We are Importers, wholesalers,  and retailer of Tabou boards, Gaastra Sails, kiteboards, Select Fins, Vandal Sails, BIC kayaks, Bsurfboardsrds, BIC boats, BIC SUP’s, Powerex masts, Fiberspar masts, Pro-Limit kite & windsurf accessories, Unifiber accessories & BIC Open yachts ( on special order ).

Why Choose Us:
The Cape Sports Center South Africa. The center was established in 1993. Those more than 20 years of expertise show in our well-organized establishment as well as in the quality of service we offer.
The turquoise blue water of the 20km long X 1,5km wide lagoon offers exceptional flat water Windsurfing and also magnificent Kite surfing for beginners through to advanced. The wind direction in summer is side shore and the wind statistics show that from October to March we have 20 – 25 days wind over 20 knots per month. From November to February one can expect some days of up to 35 knots. In the early mornings is the best time to rent a stable Sea Kayak and venture into the lagoon to see all the birds, seals, penguins and sea life around you.

What We Offer:
Surrounding a 600m2 rental section is grass to rig on and also a place to sunbathe out of the wind for the family. There is a great lookout platform/bar where one can see a great deal of the lagoon and watch all the action from. This perfect combination of wind, water, and infrastructure has brought the German Surf Magazine to us to do their Mega Windsurf Test every year, from 1996 until now. The Lagoon is ideal to test their freeride equipment. The Sports Center offers a family friendly place to enjoy the watersports as well as the comfort of a well-established infrastructure such as bathrooms, shower, Change rooms, Shop and Bar. A full day of fun and relaxation can be spent with us at the Sports Center, with never a dull moment.

We also Offer:

Kite Surfing:
Kitesurfing lessons through the Cape Sports Center offer Kitesurfing (Kiteboarding) lessons from beginners to advanced.

Cape Sports Center is located on the safe shores of the Langebaan Lagoon, the spot is well-known worldwide to be one of the kiteboarder’s dreams and ideal for kitesurfing lessons.
Clean, consistent winds and flat, warm waters make this South Africa’s premier kitesurfing destination. As the first kiteboarding school in Langebaan, the Cape Sports Center is still one of the best school facilities for kitesurfing lessons.

The lagoon offers a perfect location for kiteboarding tuition and with our well qualified Gaastra & Naish Kitesurfing equipment, organized infrastructure ( Wunderbar for food and drinks ) and ideal conditions where else would you want to go.

SUP and Surfing:
Surfing is the oldest form of wave riding! Even though it is the oldest it is still the most popular!
The Cape Sports Center is fortunate enough to be located near the mouth of the Langebaan Lagoon which allows you to be able to surf and bodyboard in front of our center.
his is a unique position as the waves which we get are not too powerful and have little or no currents.
This location is, therefore, an ideal place for children and adults to learn how to surf or body board.

Come and explore Langebaan at a leisurely pace as you take a paddle on our lagoon.
Whether for 2 hours or a day, discover the sights and sounds of the West Coast at its most beautiful.
The Lagoon and surrounding waters offer some incredible paddling experiences and a host of flora and fauna can be seen.

We can accommodate groups of up to 24 people, kayaking is an ideal team building activity.
Our BIC Kayaks are very stable (sit on type) and seaworthy, no prior experience in kayaking is required.
The double Kayak is big enough to fit 2 adults and one child.

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