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We are a team of energetic adventurers seeking to experience the real world with a grassroots approach to adventure and team building. We create amazing adventures that are meaningful and memorable. And we invite you to join us on the path less traveled and experience something extraordinary.


Mind Blowing

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Team Building Facilities


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Clarens Xtreme Adventures:

·         White water rafting

·         Quad biking

·         Zip lining

·         Abseiling

·         Paintball

·         Archery

·         Putt Putt

·         Climbing wall

·         Mountain bike trails

·         Bicycle rentals

·         Enduro trails

·         Day tours

·         Corporate groups

·         School groups

Come and enjoy a splash on the Ash. Best white water rafting in South Africa. The Ash river just outside Clarens provides year round rafting with 9 rapids, scenic vegetation and outstanding birdlife. White water rafting a great family, friends and corporate adventure from young to old (aged 6 to 106 years). Experienced guides will lead you down grade III and IV rapids in the pristine waters.

More about the adventures in the additional reading. Abseiling

An activity for the thrill seeker! Abseiling has become an activity in its own right. It is the method climbers use to get off a mountain – or special forces use to descend buildings into enemy territory in adventure movies – but it’s fun, and so it’s become available as an adventure sport.

Our abseil experience at Swartland, a 50m high sandstone rock face overlooking our picturesque town Clarens, has an easy hike up the back of the cliff and a vertical drop at the front, it offers breathtaking views which ads spice to this adrenalin packed experience.

Anybody who can fit into a rock climbing harness can do abseiling.  You don’t need strength to hold your weight – our experienced guide will show you an easy technique that acquires very little strength.  The guide also has control over your descent to make sure you are safe. Thus no experience required Abseiling can also be incorporated into your team building or school groups events.


Most probably one of the oldest weapons and oldest sport challenge around which has kept man and foe in competition for centuries. With the ever changing technology man has always kept improving equipment to be at their best performance for their needs. Clarens Xtreme archery range at our new adventure park only uses the latest and the best equipment. The “Mathews Genesis” single cam compound bow has a draw weight between 10 and 20 pounds thus making one bow usable for adults and kids. The challenge of hitting the bull is something that kept on driving man in many sports. “Come and put your skill to test with CX”

Dirty Boots

Experienced guides, equipment, drinks and transport to and from the river included. If you have a competitive spirit, paintball could be the ideal activity for you and is also perfect for groups. We offer many different types of games that require quick thinking and stealth strategy, all designed to test your ability to the full in a fun atmosphere.

We also offer custom-built corporate team programmes and school camps, with an option of staying in our original oxwagon camp.

Clarens Xtreme operates every day of the year except Christmas Day. Come and learn to live our motto: “Work hard, play harder”.

· Guaranteed white water rafting year round

· Grade 4 rapids

· Scenic quad bike tours for beginners

· Day tours and packages

· Trips daily

Enduro Trails

For those who have their own enduro motorbikes but don’t have the venue to ride, we offer guided out rides from Clarens for full day or half day. The riding is intermediate to advanced, mainly rocky. Just like Lesotho Riding!!! Full and half day guided rides have a base fee which includes the first three riders and then an amount per person thereafter. There is unfortunately no self ride option as everything is private property. Get your riding mates together and let us arrange your whole weekend in Clarens area or even a trip into Lesotho. We have a variety of package deals available. Grip and Whip…

MTB Trails

Clarens has a variety of mountain biking trails; the trick of course is to know where to go and where not to go. At Clarens Xtreme we are keen cyclist and have basically pedalled any possible track in and around Clarens. Below we have listed some of our easy accessible route options to go cycle, even at Fouriesburg because they got some amazing trails worth the drive.

To start you need a map, so come to our office bring your smart phone along and come take a picture of it or purchase a map for R20 (unfortunately we have no marked trails)

If you want to cycle in our village conservancy which trails are part of the well known Ashburton series you have to purchase a “Village Conservancy hiking map” which doubles as your cycling permit.

Village Loop 11km – 25Km

As the name says it is a loop that goes in and around our village ranging from village dirt road, single track some sand stone ridges and lekker technical down hills. Don’t let the distance fool you if you are tuff do it twice. The trail has been featured in the Tread magazine. Definitely the best to ride if you don’t have time or if you are in the mood for a short technical ride

Rebellie Game farm 30km

This trail is taking you 15km out of town 4km tar road and then some gravel road with breath taking climbs. You double back on the same road to town. This trail is a definite must do, it goes into Rebellie game farm which is amazing. And of course don’t forget to get to the game farm in the top corner of a mountain means a lot of up hills

Toekka 40km

On this trail you will have some 3km tar road to travel before you hit the gravel roads taking you on a 40km loop.

This road is ideal if you want to get time in the saddle without any technical riding. This loop can be extended and one can do almost a 100km of gravel road. When you get the map just ask us for the info on the extension or even buy a village map and on your way back loop into the village loop.

Camelroc Guest Farm near Fouriesburg

This is a genuine MOUNTAIN bike trail. Set out in the Rooiberge of the Eastern Free State, near Fouriesburg. Beautiful and varied single trail purpose built for authentic mountain biking. Excellent views along most of the trail. This is for the adventurer who wants more than just riding on gravel roads and Jeep tracks. You will not want to ride this exciting trail just once!!!

The MTB route is a new edition at Camelroc Guest Farm and has been laid out in the mountainous region of the Eastern Free State. We have two routes. A 10km figure eight route which is completely on Camelroc Guest Farm. The second route is 30km, with some two short-cuts to reduce the route to 10km’s and 20km’s as well. This route is quite difficult with a very tough climb up to the mountain top. The trail is mostly single track and quite technical. Riders are advised not to ride beyond their capability. If in doubt “get off and push”. The trail has been very well laid out with great variety. Winding through trees, along the Small Caledon river, climbing the mountain, long winding down-hills (after the climb!!) Beautiful views overlooking the Maluti mountains, the two Caledon rivers, rural Lesotho, and viewing Blesbuck.


An exciting and action packed event for everyone. Players are equipped with special marking guns which fire biodegradable paintballs, accurate to 30 meter. You will need to be quick thinking and resourceful as you attempt to outwit the opposing team.

We offer many different types of games that require stealth strategy and quick thinking. All designed to test your ability to the full in a fun atmosphere. Favorite games like Capture the flag, king of the hill, last man standing and the final FREE for all. Game duration is 1 hour. Age 10 and older. We also offer a V-ball target range with Velcro targets to test your accuracy for ages 6 and older.


Come enjoy a relaxing round of Putt-Putt “CX Style!!!” We have a 9 hole putt-putt course with a various obstacles to challenge your putting. We offer putt-putt for the individuals as well as larger groups. Business 4 ball putt-putt evening also available.

Quad Bikes

Clarens Xtreme is an adventure based company working from in town. We have a variety of guided quad outride’s from 30min, 1hr and 2hrs. All the rides follow the same route but just turn back sooner and are fully guided(safe and under control riding). Our 2hr quad bike trip is our flagship trip starting from our Adventure Park Base, moving along the outskirts of town, brushing the township toward the foothill’s of the mountains surrounding Clarens. Our ride has a constant breathtaking view over town, Golden Gate area and the mighty Maluti Mountains in the backdrop.

We stop for a drink and a bit of historical information of our region at our view point and there after return back to base. On the way to our lookout point and back we encounter various obstacles which are challenging for both man and machine and thus making it more exciting and rewarding than imagined. But never doubt yourself and come and give it a go, our guide will look after you.

For those interested in racing, SORRY no racing allowed:



Rafting in Clarens, Free State

Each raft has a guide on it, all of whom have river guide qualifications and level-3 first aid training (white-water rafting outfits should offer highly experienced guides, and you are encouraged to enquire whether they meet these standards).

Traversing an 18km stretch of the Ash River will take you about a day (or a half-day on the 9km option). The river has Grade 3 and Grade 4 rapids, including Car Wash, Fish Pond and Big Surprise (so named because the river makes a 90-degree bend and suddenly you are confronted with a waterfall).

Some rafting outfits in Clarens accommodate children on calmer parts of the river. Esplin’s company takes those under the age of 10 out of the raft for the rapids, and they then walk or drive to the next section of the river, where they once again board the craft.

In winter (May to August), visitors are given wetsuits as the water is icy. At this time of year, the ride is called the Polar Bear Challenge.

Wall Climbing

Come challenge yourself to climb our 10m or 6 m high outdoor climbing wall. All ages welcome.


We are proud to announce that we have the first ZIP LINES in Clarens. At our Adventure Park in Clarens.

A zip line is the new glorified name for a “Foefie slide”, reason is for the way in which it is build and operated. A zip line is constructed with all equipment being tested and certified according to the international CE standard. Furthermore, structural engineers have to sign off the project to be certified safe.

Come enjoy a fun filled slide on our modern day foefie slide. There are 4x lines thru the trees across our little valley, a 170m, 162m, 150m and 148m slide.

Great fun for all ages.

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