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A gorgeous combination of nature, outdoor activities, food and breathtaking views for the whole family to enjoy. Find your passion for nature with Clearwater Trails.


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Clearwater Trails is a gorgeous farm found just outside of Port Edward, situated amongst the eZemvelo Umtamvuna Nature Reserve with beautiful views of the Umtamvuna River Gorge. Discover the serene landscape by bike, trail run or nature walk, and fully submerge yourself in nature.

The team at Clearwater trails strongly believe in the importance of physical activity and provide a beautiful location for guests to enjoy their favorite outdoor exercises, with incredible trail running paths, single-track and exquisite footpaths, for the whole family to enjoy.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the gorge and river, or indulge yourself in the delicious food provided by the Ginger & Thyme Eatery.

Clearwater Trails provides fun and exciting cycling, running and hiking routes in one of South Africa’s most beautiful locations. Clearwater has been a working farm since 1979.  The owners established the cabins later in the year 1996 with the intention of exposing the beautiful Umtamvuna Nature Reserve & River Gorge to the visitors. Thereafter, over the following 20 years, the next generation developed the interest of the walking and mountain biking trails on the farm.  The gorge view deck has also become a well frequented “to-do” item in the area.

Known by locals and visitors alike, Clearwater’s single tracks are loved by all mountain biking enthusiasts who head this way.  One can never be disappointed with the varied track and incredible views of the gorge and ocean while out there!

Clearwater Trails boasts a marvelous mix of terrain and scenic views along four custom-built and well-marked MTB trails. The owners went all out when designing the routes, making sure there would be something to suit all levels and types of mountain bikers.

An exhilarating mix of hand-made single-track, jeep track and gravel road constitute a fast and riveting ride. Choose between routes along moderate gradients or attempt the more serious downhill section if, of course, you’re prepared to take on the burn as you climb back up out of the valley!

The classic view of the Umtamvuna river gorge on the start of your ride from the Gorge View Deck meets your eyes before you carry on onto the series of flowing berms, switchbacks, natural ramps, bridges and water crossings ahead.

The Blue Route (20km): This is an easy to moderate circular option along a mix of gravel roads, single-track and dual-track. This trail follows the ridge line with only a few gradual hills, but is more technical than the Green   Route.

The Green Route (4.7km): This easy circuit on farm roads and single-track is ideal for family outings and sprint rides. From the cabins, head from the gate to Gorge Viewing Deck. Follow the white rocks with green arrows to stay on route. Green bypasses are interspersed within the Blue Route to offer an alternative course or an easier option.

Mix and match your routes, providing you adhere to the general direction of the route markers, particularly on the Blue Route.

Clearwater borders on the botanically rich eZemvelo Wildlife Umtamvuna Nature Reserve and boasts natural areas of its own on the farm to explore.  This is truly a nature’s paradise. The routes are designed to exhilarate the mountain biker by design though are quite well suited for the avid trail runner and nature walker. The trail network is well suited for trail runners! Trail running is fast becoming the first choice of activity for the individual or family to get exercise in an open space.  Clearwater provides the perfect place to enjoy your favourite outdoor activity!

Taking a simple walk in natural surrounds is the ultimate therapy for some.  Just put on a comfortable pair of closed shoes, sun hat and heat reflect, lightweight garments. Don’t forget a water bottle and light snack if required.  Better yet, carry a pair of binoculars and a notebook to record any wildlife sightings.

The Gorge View Deck was established in 2004 to maintain a connection with the eZemvelo KZN Wildlife. Umtamvuna Nature Reserve.  The Gorge View Deck allows the visitor to enjoy one of the many panoramic views of the river and gorge, with the backdrop of the Indian Ocean from a comfortable and easily accessible vantage point, 365 days a year. Needless to say, the Gorge View Deck has attracted hundreds of tourists every year and has been chosen by some as a romantic venue to either propose or tie the knot.

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